We are at a Critical Accelerated Transition Phase in the History of Humanity

When the Only Constant is Change, How Do We Evolve To Thrive in a Post-Covid World?

Evolve Or Die

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the world in more ways than we can have ever imagined. To date, more than 4 million lives have been lost globally. Even as we race against time to mitigate the damage with vaccination and lockdowns, the virus continues to rage all around us.

It has and continues to shift the way we live our lives.  There is not going to be a business as normal anytime soon. And even so, not in the normal that we used to know.

So what will this new normal be?



What does the future of our economic activities look like? 

The way we work has changed, as businesses pivot to adapt and survive. The failure to pivot spells almost certain death.

The nature of business has changed, as technologies emerge. Humans are displaced as machines take over. 

What does the future of work look like to you?



With the virus raging on in many countries, whilst others swing between attempting to vaccinate their populations and isolating themselves, the way we interact with each other has changed.

The way we live has been disrupted.

As the virus continues to mutate, we are forced to adapt or face dire consequences.

How do we stay afloat mentally, emotionally and physically, and survive the challenges that we will continue to face?



In an increasingly connected world, which is also isolating us in many different ways, how do we continue to stay engaged? In the meantime, how do we get past this common enemy that has threatened the survival of the human race?

How do we overcome this faceless enemy and how will we emerge from this crisis?

Are you playing to win? Or not to lose?



We are in a serious state of denial if we persist and continue to think that the world we are going to see in the coming years will be the same world we left behind.

What do you see in this new world?


The certainty is that the shifts will occur. They have been occurring for a long time, the pandemic has drastically accelerated these shifts. The question is where will we be when the the world has shifted.


What got you here may not get you into the future.

Traditional or conventional thinking may have made a lot of sense before the pandemic. The limited way that we operate and see the world, was revealed in the past two years.

We have also witnessed some great ideas emerge that has made the critical difference.

What do we need to know about ourselves and our way of thinking - if it will move us forward or keep us stuck?


What hidden resources do you have that will give you a headstart? What other resources do you need?

We have available to us, far more resources than we actually imagine or are aware of.

And there may also be resources we need access to, to create the outcomes that we want to create.

How do you recognise resources that you already have access to, and how do you gain access to resources that you don't?


Discover Your Greatest Assets That Will Help You Accelerate

Our experiences in life are unique. There is no good or bad experience - they are simply events that have occurred and there were outcomes created.

But we give meaning to our experiences and we create judgements of ourselves through these experiences. We beat ourselves up for what we consider less than desirable outcomes.

What if what we consider our most negative experiences were also our greatest assets?  What if we could turn our relationship with these experiences into more empowering ones? What else would be possible?


How do you play differently? What skills, knowledge and expertise do you need?

In this new emerging world, there will be new ways to work, live and play. There will be new normals, some we may not have imagined just two years ago.

As the environment continues to evolve, there will be new rules of the game.

What tools and strategies do you need to play this new game, to thrive in this new world?


What is preventing you from creating your biggest victories?

We've developed habits, patterns of behaviour and beliefs in how we operate and create outcomes.  Some of these habits, patterns and beliefs may no longer be relevant or serve us in this new world. They may work against us instead, get in the way or slow us down.

What do we need to adapt and what can we hold on to, that will help us move forward and accelerate in this emerging world? What do you not know that you don't know and how to you unravel that?


Leverage on a powerful community aligned for growth

As we figure out how to play the game in this new world, that is increasingly becoming a lot more connected and far smaller than the world we used to know, it becomes critical for us to create higher-level engagement through our communities and networks.

How do you set yourself up to scale - in the way you work, engage with your communities and create the life that you want?



Built on the foundation that created some of the most successful people on this planet.


EvolveXP was designed and created from over 42 years of education and working with the best, with a community of more than 165,000 graduates in 85 countries. Distilling and extending on success principles from the Money & You® Program that is behind some of the most successful people on this planet, EvolveXP was created to address a critical need for the planet in a time when we need more than just hope.

More than that, EvolveXP was designed to answer critical questions in a crisis to provide strategies, tools and fundamental principles to operate and thrive in a time when the world is struggling.


EvolveXP is Experiential

Built with the same powerful training methodology used in Money & You® called Excelerated Learning, ExolveXP is not another Zoom Meeting. Powerful Games during the program will create deep personal insights to questions that you have - no two participants experiences are the same.  Followed through with expansive and thought-provoking debriefs and conversations, and then layered with fundamental principles, you get a foundation upon which you can create your own strategies to play.

EvolveXP is Personalised

You will get what you need to get. 

You have your own dreams, hopes and fears. You have outcomes that you want to create. 

You bring your own unique experience into the program and through that experience, get the lessons and insights that you will need to move forward in your life, in your own way.

EvolveXP is Transformational

EvolveXP is not a prescriptive program. It is not a motivational program. It is not designed to shift attitudes or mindsets, though that may occur. EvolveXP is about going deeper, and broader, built on generalised principles that influence the way we work, live and play.

You will start to see things that you have never seen before, in ways that you may never have considered before. EvolveXP was designed to challenge you and to create an expansion in your reality box. Then you will create results and outcomes that you may never have created before.




But only you can create that future.


Create Money, Sufficiency and Success on your terms.



Create Breakthrough Results in your Business and Career 



Design and Play a Bigger and more Powerful Game in your Life



The best time to have planted a seed was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.



Malaysia, Singapore (GMT +8)

Friday, 15 Oct 2021 - Saturday, 16 Oct 2021
7:00 am - 3:00 pm 

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Live-Interactive Game-Based Online Program.


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30-Minute Strategy Call
$99 USD (Online One-on-One)
Get Clear with Critical Feedback on your direction and strategies

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$199 USD (Online Group Coaching Session)
Support Session for the execution and implementation of your Success Roadmap

2-Day Resilience Blueprint Program
$399 USD (Online Interactive)
Expand your Results with the 9 Dimensions of Wealth to create a sustainable crisis-proof foundation to thrive


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If by the end of the program you feel that you did not learn at least one thing that would make a difference in your life, we will give you 100% of your money back.

We only ask that you show up, agree not to miss any sessions and participate 100%. Be open and receptive to learning.

You are one step away from a totally different life. The best way to predict your future... is to create it.




Sandy Vosk, President & CEO Advantage Technology Solutions Inc. (USA)

If you want to achieve exponential improvement in your personal and/or business growth, this is an incredible program. Learn practical tips on how to shift your thinking to bring your dreams into reality. Led by an outstanding team of professionals, this experiential-based training can help you unlock what's holding you back as it relates to your attitude/relationship with money. You will learn from yourself and others how to shift from a perspective of scarcity to one of abundance -  leveraging your time and resources much more effectively to achieve the results you desire.


Sharon Honning, Brand Ambassador ShareNode (USA)

This is a really fun, experiential program that has given me more awareness of how I think. It's opening ideas and questions I'd not thought of before. Everything is a choice and there are resources out there I didn’t think of before that can make life better. It's being open to possibilities, asking more questions, and doing something different to interrupt the patterns that have been running my life. This program has given me a glimpse into new directions.


Chris Mentzel, CEO HINA Power Corp (USA)

This intense online program guides you masterfully and interactively to discover what is holding you back and blocking the success that is your birthright in life. It is not an "online course" that is hard to finish, but rather a 14-hour deeply engaging experience where you get to discover yourself through exciting games and deeply personal conversations. Yes, transformation is now happening online. Never mind that the participants are in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and California - this is every bit as life-changing as an in-person workshop. This is just as intense and transformational as an in-person workshop. It is far beyond the video training and Zoom experiences you know.


Jenifer Wells, Health Educator, Founder & CEO Rawzwellness (Australia)

Intertwines emotional self-discovery with fundamental principles of wealth in an engaging and soulful experience.


Raiman Au, Director Talent Dynamics (Japan)

If you feel stuck in your life and can't pinpoint the reason why, then this is the perfect program for you because it allows those reasons to surface up and you to gain awareness of them, which then gives you the opportunity to transform and move forward.


Chad Warren, Founder & CEO ZenMoose Capital LLC (USA)

No matter your experience in life and business, you will benefit from this amazing program - it will help you shift your perspectives and transform your self - awareness leading to a more effective life.


Hank Khoo, Founder & Chief Trainer HANKidz (Malaysia)

Truly an amazing 2-day journey into myself and exploring the world of business, money, self-belief within my realm of inner self -- that allows me to create breakthroughs in my perspective of how I see money and abundance. Thank you for such an amazing journey of discovery. I would recommend this to every human soul in this world. A must attend because this will workshop will give you the compass for direction of wealth.


Rebecca Allen, Project Director Hawaii Care and Cleaning (USA)

You'll have fun, meet some great/interesting people and expand your global network; and you'll take away key distinctions that will change/improve/optimize your life if you choose to apply them.


Kaluna Wong, Curriculum Coordinator for Leadership Kaua'i (Hawaii)

EvolveXP is great for those who have been undecided in taking Money & You or even as a sort of prerequisite. It has a more foundational side that challenges a person to explore their opportunities of improvement, to dive deep and do the inner work that we tend to ignore because it's painful, we're in denial and just don't want to face it. It will meet you where you're at. I would encourage anyone who's looking to break through road blocks, reinvent themselves or their business, have a positive relationship with themselves and money and is looking for personal growth and development to sign up for EvolveXP.



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We are living in unprecedented times.

Never in the history of humanity have we faced such a challenge of this magnitude and intensity.  This will not be the last.

But as we emerge from this crisis, it will become clear who will thrive and who will be left behind. This crisis has revealed humanity's weaknesses, but it has also uncovered our strengths.

We get to choose and prepare ourselves for the emerging world. It will take time to rebuild the world and it will be a different world from the one we left behind.

As we rise from the ashes, which side of the evolution will we emerge from?


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